Coconut Milk

Leading of supplier Coconut derivatice, one of our special produc is coconut milk, we know a lot of asian food and many baverage in America and Europe use coconut milk as ingredient, so we purpose to supply this product because our resource of coconut is big.

Special product

Coconut Milk

We have supply product from our team manufacture, that has been certified and control as regulation for food, and has Halal and Kosher Certified product.

Beside we produce for supply our client, our target is also help and grow together with local farmer, we collect and process coconut from the farmer and process in our team factory with UHT standart process.
Anggi Ardian
CEO IDcoco

Commercial Supply & Industry

Our project for Supply Market

The hardest thing is found the supplier can deliver the project with professional, and to solving that we are from IDcoco indonesia try to solve that. We solve what your need.

"To make a great business we need a great supply-chain"
Allison petra
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From Best Coconut Tree

selecting and control Process

To makesure coconut milk that we produce is the best quality we need control the process and we have ceritified in production side.

"With certified procedure IDcoco i think can deliver product with our needed."
Alicia Potter
Product Specification

Coconut Milk

capability production

our capability process and produce coconut milk a month is more than 100 MT.

delivery order

we use container to export the product.

packaging term

we can costumize the packaging, it has any level: 200 ml, 1 Liter, 200L Drum, 1000L Bin.


HACCP, Halal and Kosher.

payment term

Our payment term is Cash in advance or TT.

shipping term

IDcoco can handle the product to FOB in our port.