Cocopeat - Idcoco

Cocopeat One of our product, from coconut and can you use to a plantation medium

BEST part you can choice to your plantation medium

Cocopeat is once of our product, for our cocopeat is packing on 25-50 Kg/ Bag. we learn and try to improve this product to meet and corect spec to using in plantation.

Also we can produce in High EC and Low EC quality.

In our country coco peat use for plantation media, because this product absorb and store a lot of water.

To use this you need add another substance to give nutrience to make your plant growing well..


 We produce cocopeat from waste coconut product that call in Indonesia is sabut kelapa, this is come to trash when the farmer dont understand how to use it so we are try to solve.

Extract from raw mat

We extract the cocopeat from coir, so after that we split the fiber and the peat

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pack product

We pack the cocopeat for now into cocopeat bulk to 25 kg packaging, in the future we will create into block

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Send with container dry

Bale from cocopeat we can sent to your company with container if abroad contry or truck if in Indonesia .