We production coco fiber from best material from our and partner farm in indonesia, and then we produce coco fiber on high scale/Huge quantity, after that also try growth the quantity and quality.

Our Coco Fiber Spec Product: Moisture: 15-18 %, Dust: 3-5%, lenght 5cm-30cm, Weight/Ball: 85-110 KG, Container 40′ and 40 HC (15,5-19 MT)


Cocopeat is once of our product, for our cocopeat is packing on 25-50 Kg/ Bag. we learn and try to improve this product to meet and corect spec to using in plantation.

Also we can produce in High EC and Low EC quality.

In our country coco peat use for plantation media, because this product absorb and store a lot of water.

To use this you need add another substance to give nutrience to make your plant growing well.


Copra is a part of our product, that can use in so many field of industry, in common this product use in oil industry, In conclusion, we know the oil from copra we can use to another product like cooking oil, cosmetic and etc. 

from coconut

coconut water

We  produce coconut water from the process extract component coconut, in the purpose coconut water not just flow away and can be use to industry use, importantly coconut water contain so many chemical that can use in the chemical industrie.

Special product

Coconut Cream

We also can supply coconut derivative coconut cream, we can produce this and you can use for cosmetic and etc, however just a little bit market know the great cosmetic come from once of coconut derivative product.

Special Product

Desiccated Coconut

We  produce Desiccated coconut from the process extract component coconut, in the purpose Desiccated coconut use for produce and make cake or cookies or so many few item and product that’s has flavour coconut. And so many product combine with another material that make a great meal.


IDcoco Product Question

IDcoco is a factory from Indonesia, our warehouse is in Bukittinggi, and will expand to another province.

Idcoco has farm more than 40,000 Hectare farm on progress manage, we can supply as costumer need and we has grow up year to year, for now we have 7 machine for produce coconut fiber and still growth.

To order our product just contact us, contact us on email or Whatsapp, and talk more about your spec need.

Idcoco has focus industrie and trading on coconut derivative and manage quality product like:

1. Cocofiber

2. Cocopeat

3. Copra

4. Coconut milk

5. Coconut cream

6. Coconut water

7. Desiccated Coconut 

will grow up to another coconut derivative product

IDcoco has focus to develop industrie on coconut derivative to manage and develop more production in coconut farm/derivative product, we on progress develop many micro industrie to grow up together with us. However Indonesia has so many potential farm and need to improve more to help each other with another industrie, and hopefully we can grow together with our costumer.

Our MOQ product: For Cocofiber we suggest 1 X 40 ft or 40 HC, Cocopeat 1 X 20 ft, Copra 1 X 20 ft

For now we can handle in 4 port Indonesia to Loading Comodity, there is:

1.Belawan (main port)


3.Padang (Teluk bayur)

4.Jakarta (Tanjung Priok )

However you need confirm first, because we will choose the possible one with the product you order to send the product.